On the importance of building silly things for the hell of it.

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Part of being a developer is all about trying to keep on top of new languages, frameworks, technologies & APIs all with their own paradigms, interfaces, ecosystems and syntax.

And it's not easy, there's so much out there. So how do you learn?

It's no big secret, you just keep building stuff.

Want to learn webgl? Build a library from scratch. Want to learn more back-end? Build a JSON api and hook it up to a database. Want to learn game development? Build a game. Want to learn another language? Talk to strangers that speak it. Okay that last one is not building something, but you get the gist.

They don't even have to have a purpose. They don't need to mean anything. They don't even really need to work very well. They just need to be.


Because the only way you ever get better is by doing and failing and picking yourself up again.  Your first attempts will be terrible, monstrous abominations. You'll feel like an idiot.

But they will get better, and so will you.

Hopefully so will my blog posts...